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Já tinha testado outros hubs, até mais caros que esse, e com nenhum deles consegui expandir 2 monitores no Mac com chip M1, mas com esse consegui. Ele vem com um sd card, que tem um driver pra instalar e assim consegui até que enfim, sem dificuldades, expandir os monitores. Excelente produto! O único pequeno incômodo, é que a ventoinha faz um pouco de barulho, mas nada demais. No geral, recomendo o Hub, excelente!


When I work at home I use an ultraportable 2 in 1 laptop/tablet, a Lenovo Ideapad D330. For longer documents, I wanted to have a 3 screen setup like I do at my office because it has a small (10.1 inch) screen but the low powered laptop (with an Intel Celeron processor) could only support 1 external monitor through a Type C port.

The SMISEACOW H1 hub has allowed me to connect two 23 inch Phillips 1080P monitors as well as my peripherals (Logitech keyboard, razer seiren microphone and logitech webcam) so I only need to connect 1 usb c cable to the unit in tablet form and I have the setup I want.


Quality build, versatile multiple monitor/usb expansion device. Love it!

I am quite pleased with how this device works with my Surface computer. I like to work with 2-3 monitors, plus a graphics pad, external microphone, external mouse, and external drives. The Surface is a great laptop, but it just doesn’t have enough ports for all my external devices. This hub is great for running multiple external monitors. Set up and connection was easy and there is no lag. The extra USB ports are very useful, and it’s great to have a built in microSD card reader since I seem to be collecting more and more devices that use microSD cards rather than full size SD cards. Overall, this device works well and is easy to set up.

each keycap can be replaced.

Personalized keyboard design, more than 15 RGB backlight settings, adjust keyboard brightness according to mood,

I absolutely love it.

I wish it had F keys. I don't like having to hold FN to use F keys. I use them alot, so it'll take some getting used to.
There's not much more to say. It functions exactly like you'd expect a uh... Keyboard with a monitor touchscreen built in. It's awesome.


The keyboards can light up with different colors, it improves my gaming experience.

Very efficient

I’m able to connect my MacBook (with M1 chip) with a regular PC monitor. It is total worth the bucks. It also has several ports. I connect it with HDMI, USB cables with no problems.

clicky gateron blue switches that are loud and satisfying for gaming.

Overall, it is still a really cool concept of keyboard that .

Unique use case but great to use

I bought this amazing keyboard monitors before charismas, unlike other types of external monitors, this keyboard monitor is touchscreen. It’s very light weight and easy to carry. I just stick it into my briefcase and take it to my workplace. It solves my problem on split monitors’ demand.

easy to use

In addition to connecting to the computer, you can also connect the mobile phone through the TPYE-C line as the display screen of the mobile phone. After the connection, the mobile phone mode/computer mode can be switched at will, so that the mobile phone can become the computer host in seconds.

Just received

The quality is very good, very satisfied, it is recommended

Love it

My productivity has greatly increased with this Keyboard monitor! It’s now a part of my daily setup.The setup only takes

The nicest keyboard I’ve owned!

No need to download any software to use this keyboard. Compatible with my laptops, desktops iPad.

Very good!

A great little device, I used it to connect 3 of my laptop monitors. Having 3xHDMI port and 3xUSB hub is a bonus because